Our Approach

We know that a product isn't simply a fancy design, a box of components or just a piece of software. Careful consideration goes into meeting our customers' needs and creating great solutions.



We believe that a great design is key to building a great product. We take care to consider usability, aesthetics and functionality when designing any new product or solution.



With an expert team of electronic- and industrial engineers, we have the ability to build custom hardware products that excel and push boundaries. Our engineers take pride in creating solutions that help businesses solve problems.



Our team of IT developers are experienced in building advanced back-end systems and infrastructure, enabling us to provide you with more efficient, secure and robust data-driven solutions than the rest of the market.



We pride ourselves on solving tough problems through innovation and new ideas. Our dynamic team of artists, engineers and developers are always pushing the boundaries to create solutions that are better than the rest.

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The day before something is truly a breakthrough, it's a crazy idea.

Peter Diamandis

Our Solutions

Solving problems through technology is what we do best. Below are some of the innovative solutions we have developed.

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Environmental & Product Sensing

Ever wondered how warm or humid a room is, or how bright the light is? How about knowing remotely whether a device is on or off, or tracking the movement of something? With iFings, you can! Measure environmental metrics such as temperature, humidity, light and movement.

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Ticketing and access control solution

GateKeeper is an advanced, end-to-end ticketing and scanning platform that enables ticket vendors and venues to host world-class events. Our advanced scanning- and validation systems enable vendors to sell and distribute tickets via all the modern platforms, without having to compromise on ticket integrity.

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E-learning platform

Lesson Desk is the largest e-learning platform in Africa, designed to train employees in a fun, digital and interactive format. Lesson Desk’s unique and innovative features make it the best training tool for your business. Training can be done in a group setting or online in individual-based training.

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Why Us?

Full Facing manages systems in eight countries, across multiple sectors including retail, financial services, education and live events. Our solutions combine the latest in data handling technology with our custom engineered hardware products.

Clever Software

clever Software

Our solutions excel because of our cloud-based data handling capabilities, combined with beautiful web-enabled user interfaces. When it comes to stability, scalability and security, we have it covered.

Custom Hardware

Custom Hardware

We engineer and design our own hardware, allowing us to provide you with premium devices that are more optimal and more efficient than third-party devices.

Reliable Connectivity

Reliable Connectivity

Our devices communicate over our own custom wireless RF mesh network, removing the requirement for GSM-, Wi-Fi- or Ethernet-based network infrastructure.

Live Data

Live Data

Your data is always available from any online device with our desktop and mobile apps. Our cloud-based servers are always online to provide you with a live stream of your data.


User-centered Design

Our solutions are designed with the user in mind. When developing hardware and software, we consider ease-of-use, ergonomics and user experience in each stage of design.

crafted Interfaces

crafted Interfaces

We understand that a great interface is an essential part of great software. We create engaging, interactive and eye-catching interfaces without sacrificing functionality & usability.

Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

We make sure our software functions well and looks good on all platforms. All our software is adaptive and responsive so no matter what device you use, your experience is great.

Greater Control

Greater Control

We have complete control over the operation and performance of our hardware, making our devices easier to control and support than generic third-party devices.


Our solutions are used daily

  • Gatekeeper Icon 181
    Events trusted with Gatekeeper
  • Lesson Desk Icon 710000
    Employees trained with Lesson Desk
  • iFings Icon 3684
    iFings devices monitored

Our Office

We are located in Atlas Gardens Business Park, Contermanskloof Road, Durbanville Hills. This is where our dynamic team of more than 70 professionals live, work and play. Feel free to drop in any time to meet the team, find out more about our solutions or just to say hi.

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Solving problems through technology is what we do best. If you would like to find out how we can help your business, send us a message or use any of the contact details provided below.

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+27 21 521 3050
Fax: +27 21 521 3001
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29 Sycamore Crescent (Unit 2), Atlas Gardens Business Park, Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa, 7550